manutenzione giardini servizi
Care and passion for greenery

Maintenance and services

Feder Agricola performs a detailed care of plants and green spaces by providing a wide range of specific services.

Ordinary maintenance with periodical maintenance programs, including tasks such as the cutting of lawns, reduction pruning, trimming of hedges, plant-health maintenance of the green space and of plants through the use of fungicides, herbicides and organic fertilizers, such is the daily bread and butter of the firm.

Moreover, Feder Agricola performs special maintenance tasks, offering various supplementary services, such as all types of pruning, including those using an aerial ladder, the creation of green areas through lawns made of turf or sowing, grass mowing over large areas using specific machinery, aeration services, milling, sandblasting, hole-drilling, as well as setting up drainage installations and the draining of water.

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