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Feder Garden Center has been born in the year 2000 out of the passion of the brothers Lucio and Giovanni F. Feder, who, after a life-long experience in the gardening sector, decided to set up their own firm. The love of nature, plants and floriculture unites with the desire to offer services for the creation and maintenance of green spaces, both in the public and private spheres. Over the years, Feder has become an identifiable trademark signifying a guarantee of quality.

The connection between man and nature is both ancient and profound; it represents a vivid and genuine attraction capable of eliciting strong feelings. It is for that reason that Feder embarks on a constant quest for the welfare of plants and people, paying attention to the layout of the terrain and the nature of the greenery, from lawns all the way to trees. Each process is carried out with care and passion, in faithful adherence to the wishes and expectations of the customer.

Currently, the firm encompasses an area of 10 hectares dedicated to the garden center, as well as a greenhouse of about 400 square metres.

Feder has obtained the SOA certificate, which is a document issued by the Society of Attesting Offices (known as SOA), certifying its possession of specific qualifications that enable it to participate in bids to perform public works.

The firm is situated in Dossobuono (part of the municipality of Villafranca di Verona), a few kilometres from the exit of the SS 12 and a few meters away from the large roundabout in the direction of Villafranca di Verona.

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